Saving the best for last....

And now, meet the band....




Background Vocals/Harmonies

For as long as i can remember, music has been a huge part of my life.  From the time I was a little girl, my father (unbeknownst to me) was teaching me the art of harmonizing, and his love of music also became mine.
In the summer of 2013, the Lord brought into my life, 2 people who I love dearly and know I was meant to be united with in music, hence in the fall of 2014, Epilogue was born.  Now as a group of 6, these people are the reason my love for music lives on.
So if it has a good beat and great harmonies, regardless of genre, I'm there!


Epilogue is my third, (and hopefully last) band. I was the druimmer and creator of Sanity Check, a central NJ based band that did a lot of guitar rock and blues.  But has now disbanded.  

Likewise, my second band, The Hoovers, also did a lot of guitar rock and is still going strong today.

Since moving to PA, I started to feel that need to play and came across some great vocalists and decided to give it another go.  I've been playing drums for 15 years or so and Epilogue has already gotten those old juices flowing again.

My influences include Artimus Pyle, Neil Peart, Peter Criss and Tommy Lee.  My favorite bands pretty much follow those drummers...Lynurd Skynyrd, Rush, Kiss and Motley Crue. 


Lead Vocals

My love of music was born as a result of the countless hours I spent listening to my father sing while he played his guitar.  His melodic voice wrapped around each note, falling upon the ear like a warm blanket, enveloping you as you swayed to his hypnotic rhythym.  As I got older, my brother and I would perform "concerts" for the family, singing our hearts out for a loving, and of course bias, audience.

As the years passed I found myself singing in choirs or on occasion at a special event.  It was not until recently and only at the urging of my boyfriend Dave, that I opted to sing with a band...and Epilogue was born.

newdoug1 Lead/Rhythm Guitar

I've been a musician since 1979, and have performed in New York City, Washington DC, Charlottesville, VA, Ithaca, NY as well as several venues in the Williamsport/Lewisburg area.
Through the years I've had the opportunity to play with Dickey Betts, The Nighthawks, jazz guitarist Carl Filipiak and drummer Steve Mitchell.



I grew up playing classical music.  However, I have always liked rock and pop music, and so I have been playing electric bass in various places in central and northeastern Pennsylvania.  It's good to be in a band like Epilogue, where I share a lot of musical interests with the other players.